HCL Sametime software

HCL Sametime offers highly secure real-time communication through instant messaging, online meetings, audio and video, wherever you work - in the office or on the road.

It is a NoSQL database environment and provides a database management system (DBMS), a suitable platform for application development. Included are e-mail applications (including calendar, task list), eDiscussion, TeamRoom and others.

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Provides mainly instant messaging features such as presence, text chats, team meetings including history and two-way phone calls, relies on Domino server. In new releases: mobile app.

HCL Sametime is a trusted meeting platform built for the way today’s modern organizations need to operate – easily, securely and remotely – while reducing operational costs.


Benefits of Sametime HCL

Easily create, schedule and manage meetings
Work faster. Collaborate with your team more easily with special features for users and moderators.

Join a meeting from your personal vehicle
Manage your appointments through your vehicle’s system using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Also read or dictate messages using Siri.

Three meeting solutions in one
Stream real-time team meetings, host interactive “Course” events and manage the various daily meetings between team members.

Ensures data confidentiality
Because your Sametime setup is unique, all your appointments are protected. Add a new level of security with our end-to-end encryption option for your all-important private meetings.

Install files 80% faster in a private secure cloud
Rapid deployment using containers and scales automatically with Kubernetes; installs using fewer servers.

Set up rules for administrators and manage resources the way you want
It’s much easier to define the rules you need to protect your confidential information.

Speeds up the work process through continuous collaboration
Team members can continue conversations after work meetings using a persistent space with chat options, highlighted conversations and video recordings.

Manage and schedule all calendar appointments in less than 30 seconds
Create and set up the type of video meeting you want and schedule in your calendar. There are no restrictions on the number of meeting setups as the module takes care of all the details.

Start projects faster with one-click meetings
Don’t waste your time with programs that need to be installed or updated. All you need is a browser and you’re ready to go.

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