Show ticket management

The Ticket Management application, developed by FivePlus, is designed for culture and education centres – theatres, shows, film, but can easily be used for any situation requiring seat reservations (stadium, culture centres, airplane, etc.).

The online shopping trend is growing in Romania, especially among the younger generation. Companies or public institutions that adopt an online ticketing and management solution will have a clear advantage over the competition.
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Ticket management

The app allows you to book tickets online and manage ticketing information. The main benefits of the online ticket sales and booking management solution are:

Main features

  • Easy to use interface in Romanian. On request, the application interface can be translated and implemented in any other language. The information entered by the user: name of the shows, name of the tickets – will be displayed as written by the operator.
  • Using the application is simple, intuitive; the user manual is written in Romanian.
  • The application runs in your web browser and can be accessed by an unlimited number of cashiers;
  • The server running the application will be installed on the premises of the institution.
  • The system allows an unlimited number of rooms to be entered;
  • It can also be used for temporary locations;
  • Each newly added room will be personalised;
  • The system can also be adapted for activities that do not require the selection of seats in the hall for sale (seatless sale);
  • Ticket sales based on an unlimited number of ticket types;
  • Ticket scalping;
  • Printing of seats sold on pre-printed seat tickets;
  • Make reservations / cancel reservations (by phone);
  • Marking of free tickets (invitations, people with disabilities) / free seats;
  • Sale of tickets without a seat alongside those with a seat (no need to select the desired seats from the hall);
  • Ticket sales based on an unlimited number of ticket types;
  • Ticket scalping;
  • Specify the school, kindergarten, organiser to which the group belongs.
  • Book tickets online;
  • Create constraints on online booking (adjacent seat reservations, limited ticket reservations);
  • Cancellation of reservations made;
  • Online payment by bank card (optional module that can be implemented).
  • Show administration (add/delete/edit show information)
  • Representation administration (adding/deleting/editing representation information, moving representations to various statuses: unpublished, published, completed, cancelled)
  • Ticket type administration (add ticket types and freebies)
  • User administration
  • Application settings (e.g. maximum number of tickets that can be booked online).
  • Group organizer nomenclature management (used in the ticketing interface for organized groups)
  • financial reports
  • reports on the number of tickets and free admissions offered
  • real-time reports with the number of tickets sold even for performances for which the house did not close
  • real-time reports with the freebies offered even for performances for which the house did not close

In-app screens

1. Ticket Sales

Organizgrama Spectacole

1.1 Interface for cashiers

After entering the number of tickets and the ticket type, the total sale price is automatically calculated.

When offering free admission (guests, veterans, people with disabilities) you can choose to fill in some details (badge number).

The system also allows the sale of tickets without a seat, provided that seats can still be brought into the hall.

1.2 Printing of seat tickets

After pressing the button, once the information is saved in the system, a print window opens automatically. The data of the tickets sold is automatically converted into information for personalising the seat tickets.

In order to optimise consumption, the option of personalising pre-printed tickets was chosen.

Tichet Intrare

Costul de imprimare al biletelor este scăzut:

  • Printed information is blacked out to lower the cost of consumables;

  • Pre-printing is done at a printing house – low cost;

  • If the printer breaks down or runs out of supplies, you can opt to manually write the information on the place cards.
Cod Print Preview

Example of a pre-printed ticket

The format and design will be adapted to the requirements and identity elements of the theatre

Information to be printed on the pre-printed ticket

Information automatically extracted from the booking sequence and prepared for ticket printing

1.3 Interface for the buyer at the checkout

The application is designed so that a second monitor can be mounted at the checkout, facing the shopper. This will allow the customer to see the available seats and their seating in the hall.

The buyer interface is simpler than the cashier interface, with a less detailed legend.

Schema Salii Spectacol
Organizare Spectacole

1.4 Interface for organised groups

Kindergartens and schools can book seats directly by speaking to the theatre.

These places are marked distinctly in the application interface.


The system has 8 types of reports to obtain monthly, quarterly, annual information on ticket sales.

On request, we can create new reports according to management needs.

Below is an example of the report that allows to track the freebies offered.

Raport Casierie

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