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We are a privately owned company, made up of specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of Intranet/Internet digitisation solutions. We use the expertise acquired in the area of intra and inter-organizational communication to add value to projects, to create cost/performance optimal infrastructures, to adapt and implement professional IT solutions.
Training as an Online Marketing Agency comes as an extraordinary complement, being able to respond to business needs starting from the internal organization of processes to how to address the market, to attracting customers.

We are actively involved in meeting the specified requirements and expectations of our clients in a timely, responsible, confidential and professional manner.
We continuously strive to improve internal activities/processes that lead to the achievement of our objectives and commitments to our staff and clients.

We adopt a development policy oriented towards the business needs of our clients/partners, we design and implement solutions that support the flow of information and integrate existing business systems.
We focus on collaborative working, internal communication, process automation, external visibility of the company, activities that drive business dynamism.

To make these ideas a reality and support our clients, we have developed our own document management solutions – DocPlus, content management – CMSPlus, invested in training as an online marketing agency, work on complex projects involving large volumes of documents – ZettaDiscovery.
We have more ideas in the pipeline.

We want to work with the right people to achieve our goals and attract valuable human capital to the company, to create a long-term competitive advantage in the market.

If you want to be part of this team, apply for one of the available positions.