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We offer basic and advanced technical support services. Our specialists are experienced in maintaining software after project completion or software products developed by other vendors in their area of expertise.

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The services offered are both in the field of preventive actions to prevent some dysfunctions and corrective ones, through punctual interventions to remedy some problems.

Within the collaboration we can bring new functionalities to the implemented solutions and analyze various situations to improve the existing software.
The type of collaboration can be on demand, but the most common and advantageous are long-term, through monthly subscriptions or centralization of actions at the end of the calendar month.

A long-term collaboration helps your business more because our specialists will understand the needs you have and can come up with concrete solutions. At the same time it ensures a transfer of knowledge to your team.

As part of the collaboration we will provide regular reports depending on the type of service you get as a client. We will transparently report on interventions, bug fixes, release of new functionality, issues, changes etc.

How important is technical support

When implementing technology projects, specialists must be available to intervene in any situation that may happen with the product, service, application, website, etc.

In the case of software development, a technical support service can be contracted for a defined period of time.

Specialists will intervene in every situation you need when the software product is already implemented. This is the time when functional corrections can be made, problems due to human intervention or integration with other systems can be eliminated, additional training can be requested, upgrades to the core software can be made, etc.

FivePlus experience in providing technical support

The team’s expertise is concentrated in the area of software products implemented on the technologies we are competent in (HCL Lotus Notes/Domino, Java technology, websites – especially WordPress).

The professional services provided by FivePlus are designed to keep beneficiaries’ IT systems in optimal working condition.

Bottom line:

  • Better to prevent than to intervene
  • Problems or situations need to be identified and assessed
  • You receive clear, concise solutions tailored to the problems that arise
  • Obtain reports on the interventions carried out
  • Specialists have faced different situations and can intervene quickly and patiently
  • Support works as a guarantee from the developers and expert team

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