ELO Digital Office develops and markets high-performance products and solutions in the areas of electronic document management, digital archiving, workflow and content management.
The company operates internationally and has offices around the world, including Europe and Asia.

Corporate information management with ELO solutions brings significant enhancements to existing infrastructure to optimize business processes – all running more securely, quickly and efficiently. The content management technology encompassed by ELOenterprise has features for efficient management, fast access and secure control of information throughout the entire workflow.

The ELO product range meets all the requirements of an ECM/DMS system and forms an ideal platform for efficient information management.

  • ELOoffice is the ideal solution for small businesses and individual workstations.
  • ELOprofessional, as a modular client/server solution, has been designed for the needs of small and medium-sized companies.
  • ELOenterprise allows deployment in large companies and corporations with its wide range of configuration options

Known on the document management market in Romania, FivePlus has taken a step in the direction of this collaboration with ELO, increasing the added value offered to clients by tackling other types of projects.
Thus, we address a diversified spectrum of services, solutions for digitization of physical archives, implementation of more complex flows. As a specialist document management partner, we understand the processes of such a project very well and can offer clients a solution that best suits their needs.
They are competitive solutions, offering a great openness to different approaches, a partner like ELO Digital Office oriented to the market is an inspired choice.

Simply better organised.
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