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Netpeak ( is one of Europe’s largest online marketing agencies. Its main focus is on web services: website promotion, online advertising, web analytics, consulting and branding.

The main services are:

Pay Per Click [PPC 2.0] Search Engine Optimization [SEO 2.0] Display Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Remarketing Advertising
Video Advertising
Mobile Application Advertising
With a team of more than 25 certified specialists, regular support of online marketing conferences in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, development of in-house analytics and optimization products for clients and online marketing agencies, more than 2000 specific articles published in the blog visited by users from more than 30 countries, make NetPeak a reliable partner to address different markets with high quality services.

Geographical areas where we find a high added value of promotion: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia, USA, England, Germany. Through the partnership with FivePlus Solutions we are developing projects also on the Romanian market.