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When it comes to managing large volumes of data and users, ELOenterprise is the right business solution. It adapts to the daily information management requirements of the company, intelligent information processing, transparent and accurate workflow control, high operational efficiency, powerful search mechanisms.

The volume of data a company has to work with today, whether we’re talking about a small business or one with hundreds of employees, is huge. Often all of this is managed inefficiently, leading to decreased productivity.

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ELO enterprise provides powerful mechanisms to support and improve teamwork.

Corporate information management with ELO solutions brings significant improvements to existing infrastructure to streamline business processes – all running more securely, quickly and efficiently. The content management technology encompassed by ELOenterprise has features for efficient management, fast access and secure control of information throughout the entire workflow.

ELO product range

The ELO product range meets all the requirements of an ECM/DMS system and forms an ideal platform for efficient information management:

  • ELOoffice – the ideal solution for small businesses and individual workstations;
  • ELOprofessional – as a modular client/server solution, has been designed for the needs of small and medium-sized companies;
  • ELOenterprise – allows deployment in large companies and corporations with its wide range of configuration options.

Companies have requirements directly proportional to their size and the number of work processes. The software solution must offer configuration options, sophisticated procedures to guarantee access to information and scalability. It must be able to support a multitude of processes simultaneously and successfully manage a large number of users. Such capabilities are within the scope of ELOprofessional and ELOenterprise solutions.

ELOoffice is software that will support your daily work by speeding up processes, simplifying work tasks and increasing productivity in the long term.

The ELOoffice structure is based on a filing system containing archives, cabinets, binders and folders. Users can navigate through the file structure, open folders and quickly browse documents.

Benefits of using the ELOoffice solution:

  • quick retrieval of documents;
  • gaining an overview of the document flow;
  • much clearer traceability of information;
  • document versioning;
  • specific access rights;
  • reducing paper consumption;
  • more productivity;
  • centralisation of information;
  • Quickly search through information saving valuable time.
ELOprofessional is a great tool for optimising business processes. With this software you can efficiently control information throughout its entire lifecycle.

Benefits of using the ELOprofessional solution:

  • The transfer of documents and information to the electronic archive provides the basis for centralised and rapid access to information;
  • ELO can convert a wide range of specific documents (contracts, emails, invoices, etc.) into an electronic record;
  • Electronic workflows control internal processes;
  • the change history for each document managed is recorded;
  • is a suitable storage medium for all business-relevant information in compliance with legal regulations;
  • ELO can be integrated into various business applications such as ERP, CRM, CAD and email systems or Microsoft Office products, resulting in a central information platform;
  • through the administration of the solution you can easily create your own work forms that can be captured in the internal workflow processes in the organisation for different specific actions (approval, verification, information, etc.);
  • is a real support in simplifying business processes, often leading to the optimisation of processes defined within the company standards achieved;
  • much easier tracking and monitoring of work processes, providing a series of useful reports for making the right decisions;

Using ELOenterprise will propel your business to another level of performance. ELOenterprise’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables the seamless integration of ELO functions into company-specific business applications. The focus is on the business process.

With this solution, elements of the entire IT structure communicate with each other and can exchange information securely.

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