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Google AdWords Certified Partner

Google is an American multinational corporation that operates the Internet search engine of the same name.
Google provides a quick and easy way to find information on the web. According to some experts there are trillions of websites.

The Google Partners program is dedicated to online marketing and SEO professionals.
Google Adwords is Google’s online advertising program that provides the foundation for business development. It is a tool that helps companies promote themselves through ads placed on Google’s search engine, as well as on the network of sites that support display ads.

FivePlus has successfully passed all phases of the Google Partners certification program, demonstrating that it is an agency that has the knowledge, skills, meets Adwords spending requirements and is focused on supporting and growing its client base.
Google Partner status gives FivePlus Agency access to several benefits, at the heart of which is the client.

There are several criteria that must be met to obtain this status.

  • To complete the company profile
  • Have spent more than $10,000 in the last 90 calendar days
  • The MCC (My Client Center) must be at least 90 days old, of which at least 60 days from the time the account is active
  • Best practices: you must demonstrate through the MCC that you meet the practices Google requires
  • Once the conditions are met, the exams will be taken to obtain the certification and Google Partner status.

FivePlus holds both individual and company certifications.
We are attentive to recognition as specialists in this field, we follow the professional path of people and company, we are up to date with the programs that appear to offer our clients the most appropriate methods of promotion.

We manage several types of Google Adwords campaigns:

  • we display advertisements in the Google search engine (Google Search), we continuously optimize them to get the most out of their display and attract visitors to the site
  • we publish ads (images or text) on Google’s partner sites (Google Display Network), we use different methods to make the ads reach those interested
  • track those users who have visited the website (Google Remarketing) and we have deemed that they are interested in certain pages, products, in order to return to the site or to build their loyalty
  • Placing ads on the YouTube channel, a high-growth area on the Internet
  • displaying ads in your Google inbox
  • targeting mobile devices

For non-profits, foundations, there is an interesting program, Google Grants, where Google offers grants to non-profits in the form of AdWords advertising, worth $10,000 or more per month, to promote their initiatives and projects on
There are certain criteria to be met, it is a process to follow, new services based on online technologies, initiatives run by foundations and non-profit associations can be explored creatively.
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We work with companies in Romania, we manage international campaigns, we have offers suitable even for small companies at the beginning of their online journey.
We have access to vouchers that we can use to promote your website!
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