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How to get organic first page visibility on search engines

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Facebook Ads promotion campaigns: a necessity in the Social Media world

Precise targeting

You have the possibility to make a very thorough audience selection. Ads will be shown only to those who fit the profile set on the basis of criteria that users must meet: age, gender, interests, behaviour, education level, educational institution, marital status, parental status, age of children, etc.

National or global promotion

Facebook allows users to be targeted both nationally and globally, without the need to be physically present in that country.

Ability to analyse the behaviour of the user visiting the site

Users who arrive on the site can be monitored and their behaviour analysed. Relevant data will be used in optimizations to increase the performance of your campaigns.

Full control over the invested budget

Campaigns can allocate either a daily or monthly budget, over which you have control at any time. You will not spend more than what is set. You pay strictly for the costs accrued when users view or interact with ads, depending on the settings.

Measurable results in real time

The results following the promotion can be tracked through the relevant indicators that Facebook Ads provides: conversions (leads, orders, etc.), number of clicks, costs, likes, interactions with posts, etc. Based on this information, optimizations can be made to improve results.

Multiple messages and creative

You have the ability to create and test multiple message types through text + image, video content, etc., developing campaigns that perform.

Each project is unique.

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Types of Facebook Ads campaigns we can include in your strategy

Why choose us?

  • We analyse your business to better understand it
  • We establish strategies tailored to your objectives
  • We analyze your website in terms of functionality, design (to be adaptable on all devices: smartphone, tablet, desktop), information and architecture (to be User-Friendly)
  • We analyse the content of the Business Page in terms of the information presented (content of posts, images/videos used) and user interactions with the page (engagement), particularly with posts. We provide recommendations and, when desired, we also create attractive content
  • We don’t overlook online shops either. Products must be presented correctly, with the most relevant information.
  • We set up the promotion (Facebook Ads) and tracking accounts (Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics)
  • Implement campaigns
  • We use the budget as efficiently as possible
  • Analyse and optimise campaigns
  • Generate monthly reports
  • Interpret reports and provide recommendations
  • We use various tools for information analysis, integrated reporting, understanding user behaviour, checking site functionality (Hotjar, Uptime Robot)

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    40 31-805.42.55

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    Sector 1, București, România