HCL Accelerate software

HCL Accelerate helps make the most of DevOps investments by improving throughput, identifying bottlenecks and unifying data across your organization so you can make smart business decisions.

In addition to pre-defined reports, HCL Accelerate allows you to configure custom reports to best reflect your organization’s unique KPIs.

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With a library of over 250 plugins, Accelerate integrates easily with the DevOps tools you use.


Benefits of Accelerated HCL

  • Transformation leaders can realize the value of hidden data by making it visible and actionable.
  • Launch teams can upgrade to more common versions with lightweight, self-service tools, including templates and automated controls.
  • Teams can go beyond traditional Agile visions to provide real-time transparency from concept to production.
  • Executives get a complete picture of the DevOps organization and can identify high-performing teams to harvest best practices.

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