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The right email service can help you increase the efficiency of your business. Without protection, an email service can cause huge losses for a company. Spam emails currently account for 73% of all emails sent and are responsible for billions of dollars in losses worldwide each year.

The right email service can help you increase the efficiency of your business. Without protection, an email service can cause huge losses for a company. Spam emails currently account for 73% of all emails sent and are responsible for billions of dollars in losses worldwide each year.
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How can spam affect your business?

Spam is currently the biggest problem for email users. Spam:

  • It is responsible for 14.5 billion email messages per day globally;
  • It consumes valuable time for organisations and users;
  • Studies by research companies report that 73% of the volume of messages sent to companies is spam;
  • Managers are most affected by the volume of spam traffic;
  • In the US, annual spam losses are around $200 per employee.
Spam Sentinel

Choose a protection solution to get rid of spam and viruses

By implementing a protection solution you will reduce the risks associated with spam emails.
FivePlus provides you with several software solutions to protect your business from the problems and costs associated with spam and virus-containing emails.

SpamSentinel – stops 99.6% of spam

SpamSentinel is a solution offered by MAYSOFT Canada through Fiveplus that stops 99.6% of the total volume of spam messages. SpamSentinel is a 2-in-1 product that blocks both spam and known viruses before they reach the user’s inbox.

The SpamSentinel solution provides a redundancy service for your mail server.
Users will receive clean emails even when the mail server is down. Mails are forwarded to the SpamSentinel server, where they are kept until your server is back online. No installation required, just an MX registration for forwarding, which can be done the same day, based on a request.

SpamSentinel solution features:

iQ.Suite – complete solutions for protection

The iQ.Suite products are produced by the German company GBS. They range from email encryption, virus and spam protection, email screening to secure email archiving.

GBS Email Management

Among the most marketed GBS products in Romania are:

New types of viruses, phishing emails and malicious attacks are a daily threat to infrastructure. Opening malicious and unwanted attachments can often lead to real problems. The resulting damage can range from data loss to the costs of recovering lost information. Thanks to iQ.Suite Watchdog, this is a thing of the past!
Like business correspondence, emails are subject to numerous legal regulations that must be followed. Unfortunately, these regulations are not always followed because of decentralised processes within companies. Failure to comply poses the ongoing risk of fines or warnings. iQ.Suite Trailer is the ideal solution to solve these problems.
iQ.Suite Wall is a comprehensive global solution for content analysis and spam protection. A combination of different analysis procedures and optional integration of cloud-based recognition technology leads to a spam recognition rate of up to 100%.

Complementary solutions for your email system

IONET Software – archiving for maximum efficiency

For maximum efficiency, historical email data should be archived. This has numerous benefits:

  • increase usability,
  • increases speed and efficiency
  • improves the time factor
  • quick access to older data if necessary (and without IT intervention, e.g. restore old emails).

The whole process must be transparent to users and the solution must integrate with the production database.

IONET Software is currently one of the most effective solutions for solving the problem of professional email archiving in the Lotus Domino platform.

The solution covers much more functionality, automatically creates and maintains archives for Lotus databases/documents (mail, custom applications).

At a scheduled time or according to other criteria, the software archives eligible data and performs maintenance activities such as rotating archives.
All aspects of the archiving process are controlled by the Lotus system administrator, who benefits from advanced security features, full backups for off-site storage and disaster recovery.

IONET Software’s solution works seamlessly across the Lotus Notes environment (including the web) and allows users accessing mail from the browser to work seamlessly with the archive.

  • Automates daily tasks, reduces the hands-on part of administration; for example, archiving control via profiles and automatically processing new databases.
  • Multiple customisation options allow a fine degree of administrator control.
  • You can specify a maximum database size and, after normal archiving, it will re-archive the oldest or largest documents until this size is reached.
  • Timer functions mean that the allocated time will not be exceeded.
  • Automatically apply archiving options (open, restore from archive, search, etc.) without using templates.
  • Actions are created on archive profiles when certain conditions are met.
  • Search production and archive databases simultaneously.
  • Multi-language support.
    Ready for Lotus Notes / Domino latest releases!
  • Automatic configuration and operation, even (optionally) upgrading to new versions automatically.
  • Profile for easy management of multiple users and databases.
  • Scalable to any size of organisation.
    Transparent for users.
  • Fully supports iNotes & Mobile users.
    Archive any Lotus Notes database, including mail and custom applications.
  • Multiple archiving criteria are set, built from any combination: document size, mail age, last modified date, last accessed date, containing View/Folder or formulas.
  • Replace archived documents with restorations; or delete them – compatibility including in iNotes.
  • Ability to archive duplicate emails.
    Attachment compression.
  • DAOS compatibility.
  • Instant archiving of selected documents.
  • Simultaneous search of production database and archived data, including via iNotes and Tablets/Smartphones.
  • Fully supports disconnected or remotely connected users.
  • Restricts user access to archives for compliance reasons (e.g. Reader level).
  • There are detailed reporting graphics.

IONET Notes Pipeliner oferă instrumente complete de arhivare, export și migrare pentru Lotus Notes Mail, Notes Applications și Quicker – arhivare în baze NSF și migrare la SharePoint, Box, Microsoft 365, Exchange / PST, HTML, MHT, PDF și XML.

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