Document Management & Workflow

Digitisation of work processes and daily activities

At the heart of any IT system and day-to-day operations areu:

  • work processes, transformed into activities and tasksi
  • the goods, data and information with which it operates
  • human resources who act and are decision-makers at certain nodes in the process

The end result must be the completion of the process, from input (through the information going into the process) to output (deliverable)

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The use of an electronic document management system, whether at departmental or organisation-wide level, can bring tremendous benefits, both for those who work with the information on a daily basis and for management.

For companies that provide services and products to customers and partners and want to respond quickly to their needs, it is important that working with documents and information is fast, predictable and secure.

This considerably improves the efficiency of the activity, reduces the costs of handling information, achieves a correct traceability of documents, and achieves a better structuring of information. It gives management better control of processes.

These solutions connect people with the organisation’s resources and work processes to create a strong bond in the company.

Workflow solutions are a natural complement to document management and content management systems, delivering the information that needs to be processed quickly and accurately to the people who need it, either at a departmental level or extended to the whole organisation.

The process of document movement within the organisation is transparent to users, the traceability of the document and its status (approved, working with a specific person, rejected, etc.) can be easily tracked.

Advantages of a document management system

The introduction of a document management system, in any organisation, provides:

  • better control over internal processes and information
  • consolidating information, providing management support for internal and business decisions
  • an efficient way of internal transfer of information, knowledge, ideas
  • improving project collaboration, document exchange
  • quick retrieval of information
  • reduction of approval/clearance time for internal requests (reports, applications, etc.)
  • reducing administrative costs
  • automation of certain activities in order to reduce the time allocated to them
  • the possibility of electronic archiving of information

The solutions and services are comprehensive and cover virtually any type of implementation, ranging from solutions that are useful within a department to solutions that cover the entire organization, regardless of size or geographic distribution. Document management and content management solutions can be implemented on a stand-alone basis or integrated with other business applications.

Each project is unique.

We look forward to discussing your project!

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FivePlus specialists have been involved in implementing complex solutions in industries including banking and insurance companies, public administration and (non-)government organisations, manufacturing, commerce, utilities and many others.

These are small user deployments, large companies, geographically distributed.

Designed document management solutions are scalable and new functionalities can be added later.


These solutions are implemented on scalable software platforms that can be used even after the company has grown and the need for additional hardware resources arises.

Depending on the specific needs of each project, the development of document management solutions is done using both software platforms where we have strong partnerships with HCL, IBM, ELO, MaySoft, IoNET, GBS, with client or web browser access, and other software platforms based on Java technologies.

FivePlus Solutions is a special HCL partner (HCL Business Partner), specialized in the implementation of document management solutions, collaborative applications, electronic messaging, with skills in Lotus Domino platform, but also in website development, SEO, online promotion. Our own DocPlus solution( is an option for complete business management.

The team’s focus on digitisation has led to the inclusion of complementary skills, services and technologies in the portfolio, either directly or through strategic partnerships:

  • process analysis and optimization (with a focus on Lean Six Sigma) to have a correct mapping of work, elimination of waste and preparation for digital automation
  • securing infrastructure, including auditing it to prevent vulnerabilities and risks
  • development of functionalities in different programming languages suitable and adapted to the project
  • implementation of software robots for repetitive activities (using RPA technology)
  • technical support for the maintenance of the system and the implemented solutions

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