Training is an extremely important factor in the process of implementing IT solutions. The assimilation of products and technology must be done in the shortest possible time, making the most of the solution and technology.

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Change (or growth) is often the reason why a new project or goal of a company is initiated. In order to manage change effectively and achieve performance targets, it is recommended to invest in training employees on how to use it, acquire enhanced skills, address situations they face in operating the software. Both users and administrators of implemented solutions.

Training services offered by FivePlus

FivePlus facilitates throughout the implementation of a project the transfer of knowledge to the organisation’s staff, including technical staff, to analyse how to integrate the implemented solutions, be it communication/document management within the beneficiary’s IT systems, or the management of the implemented website or even the understanding of solutions that can bring a change to the organisation.

We organise training sessions with project beneficiaries for:

  • Lotus Notes/Domino HCL platform, Domino platform administration, Lotus platform application development, Lotus client usage
  • the applications deployed, both in terms of use and administration
  • for online marketing activities, a key element is the beneficiary team’s understanding of how online promotion techniques work

We help companies, through the teams involved, to make better use of the online environment.

We seek during the training to touch on some parts of digital skills where appropriate, to understand and clarify where there are needs for further training, to explain concepts underlying some technologies, to meet learners with information that addresses concrete scenarios they face in operating information systems.

The duration of the sessions depends on the concrete agenda agreed, they can be sessions of several hours or days. It can take place online or face-to-face.
FivePlus specialists are involved throughout the implementation to ensure effective communication with the Beneficiary’s staff, for common understanding of each activity, each functionality, paying particular attention to the users of the system.

FivePlus experience in delivering training programmes

FivePlus includes this training component in all implemented projects, to ensure that the implemented solution is understood, the beneficiary team can take over the main activities in their operation.

The people involved in the training have experience of many projects, have charisma and can patiently pass on specific information.

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