ATIC Association for Information and Communication Technology

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The Association for Information and Communication Technology in Romania (ATIC) organizes and promotes the exchange of information, collaboration and cooperation between members, establishes as a fundamental principle the support of IT&C, honors creativity, respect for the law, in a wide exchange of opinions for the use of scientific novelties with maximum efficiency and professionalism.
ATIC represents both the business and the scientific sector of the ICT field in Romania and counts in its ranks both representative companies in the field and scientific personalities from the academic or research environment.

ATIC is the first association of the IT&C sector in Romania and runs the ECDL and EUCIP programs at national level, full member of WITSA – World Information Technology and Services Alliance, CEPIS – Council of European Informatics Societies, IT STAR – regional Association on information technology in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.

FivePlus is a member of ATIC and supports the association’s approach to harnessing IT intelligence.
FivePlus management is part of the association’s board of directors, representing members.