Activity management / internal help-desk

Internal documents, such as purchase reports, leave requests or other documents requiring multiple approvals, are often forgotten or lost - for various reasons. Thus, an institution/company may end up in a situation where an employee could not perform his/her duties because a product was not purchased in time.

Through DocPlus solutions, developed on Lotus technology, we have gained a lot of experience in hundreds of such projects, from consulting to actual development and implementation in organizations.

The activity management application is a module covering part of this automation concept, developed on web technology.

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Automated document management and tracking workflow

Through the application developed by FivePlus, your employees with access to the system can initiate help-desk requests, leave requests, referrals, other types of documents that will be subject to a resolution workflow.

Any user declared in the application can create a ticket in the help-desk application. When creating a new ticket, they will have to fill in a series of specific information:

  • Department to which the request is addressed;
  • Proposed resolution date;
  • Task from a list of tasks associated with the department;
  • Comments;
  • Attached files within certain predefined limits.
Management Printscreen 2
Management Printscreen 3

Users can choose from a number of actions related to the flow of requests:

  • Submit – depending on the department selected in the request, the next approver is selected from the list of users associated with that department;
  • Takeover;
  • Change ticket status (Resolve, Return to Initiator, Cancel).

Each action on a ticket will generate an automatic notification that will go to the people involved/responsible for resolving it (e.g. to approvers and to the head of department for newly opened tickets that have not been taken up or that have exceeded the estimated resolution date).

The application allows users to generate a series of comprehensive reports, giving them an overview of the status of all tickets entered into the system. Reports can be sorted by: originator, status, department, date, etc.

Classes of users

Within the application there are several classes of users:

Department Head users – will be able to view requests initiated or resolved by users in their department and assign a ticket to another user;
Supervisor users – see all tickets and can assign a ticket to another user;
Administrator user – manages the configuration part of the application.

They have an interface through which they can manage standardised lists, users and departments.

Any user registered in the system has the right to submit a help-desk ticket.

The application interface looks like this:

  • Navigation menu, three distinct sections:
    • Reports section
    • Actions section
    • Administration section
  • Data view panel according to selected report with specific actions available.
Management Printscreen 1

The application uses a Java application server (Tomcat) and consists of a MySql database and a browser-based Java application.

Time to manage internal documents more efficiently

Process automation and business management is an ongoing concern for organisations looking to increase efficiency. Keeping such processes under control can easily be achieved using solutions developed by FivePlus.

Contact us now and enjoy all the benefits of automating your internal processes!

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