ghilimeleWe have been working with FivePlus for over 10 years. Their software consultancy skills have enabled them to understand our processes for working with partners, delivering a Business Partner Management solution that allows us to effectively manage our national network of Xerox Strategic Partners. On a personal note, I appreciate the involvement in the support area of the solution, with colleagues at FivePlus coming up with creative and quick solutions when our requirements changed or evolved with the Xerox distribution business. The support provided by FivePlus is not limited to the Xerox organization, but extends to the entire network of strategic partners, with many of them already having a personal relationship with the people at FivePlus, which is due to the spirit of collegiality and at the same time professionalism of Alin Niță and his colleagues at FivePlus.

xerox colaborare siglaMihai Paraschiv
Business Partner & Solutions Manager
Xerox Romania

ghilimeleStop searching! Hire FivePlus!They’re skilled – but I’m sure out there are other big agencies filled with qualified people, and maybe better too.They are using the best, state-of-the-art Web&SEO technologies – but I’m sure out there are big companies using the same best, state-of-the-art Web&SEO technologies (and maybe better too, if you pay the price)You know what make FivePlus better? They are trying harder! Top Web&SEO firms can afford to delay your project, to put you on hold. Five Plus isn’t the number one, so you’ll never stay in line. Top Web&SEO firms can afford to mock your gross software stupidity. They aren’t the number one, so you’ll be treated and honored as a king. Top Web&SEO firms can afford to know everything. FivePlus is not the mighty God, they haven’t all the answers, so you’ll be heard. If you’re looking for a human, right, genuinely friendly Web&SEO agency, stop now. Hire FivePlus!

colaborare arc brasov logoCristi PITNER
Marketing Manager

ghilimeleThe Centre for Health Policy and Services (CPSS) Foundation wanted to implement an integrated system for communication and document management. It chose the IBM Lotus Notes platform implemented by the FIVEPLUS team, which demonstrated professionalism, competence and promptness.The in-depth knowledge of the technologies used allowed the project to be completed in high quality conditions, within the time and budget allocated. The team adopted the most appropriate solutions to our punctual and specific requests. The solution implemented in our organization allows better communication, accuracy in working with documents, quick retrieval, creating favorable conditions in focusing our staff on specific activities. I recommend FIVEPLUS SOLUTIONS as a professional and reliable partner for any organization with which it will deal and appreciate its quality services.

colaborare master tech logoDr. Dana Fărcășanu
Președinte Executiv
Fundația Centrul Pentru Politici și Servicii de Sanatate

ghilimeleWe started the collaboration by developing the website. FivePlus has a team with an overview of the online environment and together we approached different strategies for a better online presence. I feel comfortable with this collaboration because there is transparency in all the activities we do, they are explained to understand them and make other business decisions. I get recommendations about investing online, I focus on advice, I found in the FivePlus team the right partner for business development. We work on several channels together, we have gone through several algorithm changes in SEO optimization together, we manage Google Adwords campaigns continuously, we plan to expand the collaboration in other directions. It’s a well-trained team, it goes far beyond a one-off collaboration, it’s a business partner.

colaborare master tech logoAndrei HONCIUC
Director General

ghilimeleOne of the objectives of collaboration was to implement an electronic document management system, a standard system of internal and external communication with business partners, document management applications that offers a range of features in order to increase employee productivity and streamlining collaborative work.lmplementing DocPlus solution we have benefits resolving our expectations. FivePlus Solutions was involved in understanding our business needs and providing professional services for consultancy, analysis, design, development of new functionalities, training, giving technical assistance all over the project and after implementation. The impact of implementation brings good effects in streamline business processes and increasing the speed of reaction to our organizational level.

colaborare frisomat logoRadu Dinescu
General Manager
National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania

ghilimeleFor the last 2 years we have been working with the company FivePlus. I chose the FivePlus team because they make a sustained and continuous effort to understand the industry in which we operate – metal hall construction. We have several ongoing projects: SEO optimization, Google Adwords campaigns and offpage activities – backlink. In addition to the implementation of the above projects, we enjoy continuous and proactive consultancy regarding the implementation of new solutions or approaches. So, in short, I can say that FivePlus experts offer us exactly what we want: comprehensive solutions delivered promptly and proactively. FivePlus is more than a supplier, through the relationship developed they have become business partners. Good luck FivePlus!

colaborare frisomat logoCsaba Demeter
Marketing Manager

ghilimeleThe FivePlus Solutions team has worked professionally on all the projects we have carried out together. The SEO strategy and actions they have implemented have brought good results in the long run, through promotion in the Google engine. The PPC Adwords campaigns helped us achieve the desired goals in a short time frame and quickly attracted appointments to the Green Dental clinic. Creative solutions, continuous improvement of the campaigns and willingness to adapt to our ways of promotion and communication were the strengths that made this collaboration successful.

colaborare grenndental logoAndra Vasilache
PR Manager
Green Dental & Implant Dentar

ghilimeleI am satisfied with the consultancy and the progress of the supravegherevideo.co d.p.d.v. SEO project. It is clear, from the reports and data interpretations received monthly or on request, an increase in visibility in Google, which is fully in line with the business plan created at the beginning of our collaboration. As far as you are concerned, the recommendations received so far have been such as to maintain and improve the upward trend in Google rankings, so the rating can only be very good. To add here would be the confidence you gave me during the face-to-face discussion we had at the company’s headquarters.

colaborare sisteme cctv logoAdrian Gagu
Executive Manager
Color Design Security Grup

ghilimeleWe started our collaboration with FivePlus out of the need to make our products better known online and I can say that through this team we managed to promote ourselves very well. The positioning of our products in the first pages of the Google search engine speaks for itself. We feel that the expertise of these people has made its presence felt in the results we have achieved lately – their help has been instrumental in changing our website platform, our latest and most far-reaching action since the launch of the original website. Both their domain knowledge, pertinent advice and hands-on approach to the obstacles encountered in the process have paid off, helping us to create a far superior product to our previous one.

colaborare davo pro logoAndrei Cazangiu
Executive Manager
S.C. Davo Pro Company S.R.L.

ghilimeleWe went on the road together 7 years ago. We started with the redesign of the website, we are now on the third version of graphic implementation, we continued with the online promotion of what Erebus offers through SEO optimization and Google Adwords. All the while we have been tackling new online marketing solutions and I appreciate FivePlus’ openness to advising and supporting us. Also together we have created various web applications that through their complexity have demonstrated the know how of the people in this wonderful team. We are constantly concerned with bringing quality services to the Romanian automotive market and building a long-term collaboration with our partners. Without a reliable partner in this area of online promotion we would not have been able to make our projects known. Thank you FivePlus Solutions!

colaborare erebus logoDan Teodorescu
General Manager
Erebus Tehnics International

ghilimeleWe are happy with the collaboration with FivePlus. You are always prompt with information, reports and documentation according to our requirements, all of which is done on time, without delays, as a professional should work. We hope for a very long term collaboration. Thank you.

colaborare lenjerie eleganta logoBeatrice Stratulat
D&B Distribution Ultimate SRL

ghilimeleOne problem we have frequently faced in recent years has been the lack of serious collaborators. At FivePlus Solutions we have found a team of quality people who do what they promise and do it very well. We have been working with FivePlus Solutions for more than 2 years and will continue to do so for everything related to online promotion.

colaborare comenzi.ro logoDan Albu
Director general
Accent Net SRL

ghilimeleEREBUS TECHNICS INTERNATIONAL benefited from the services delivered by the FivePlus team and collaborated on the project “Order Tracking Software Applications, CRM, based on IBM Lotus Domino infrastructure”. The collaboration was great, we received top quality services and the DocPlus solution helped us a lot. We started with 2 applications and quickly expanded the collaboration. We recommend FivePlus, it is a reliable partner.

colaborare lenjerie eleganta logoMona Ciurea
Director Comercial

ghilimeleOne of the objectives of the collaboration was to adapt the internal applications developed on IBM Lotus technology to our needs. The result of the collaboration has led to increased employee productivity and more efficient collaborative working. The collaboration with the FicePlus team ensured a real transfer of knowledge and its orientation towards making the most of internal resources was observed.

colaborare cartusel logoAdrian Rotman
Office Manager
Deloitte Audit

ghilimeleLeasePlan, as a multinational company with 50 years of experience and presence in over 30 countries, has a set of rules, policies and procedures that partners and IT system developers must adhere to. In FivePlus we found a flexible and experienced partner we could rely on. Together, we were thus able to meet the needs of our customers by improving existing modules. The collaboration continued after the end of the project by providing technical support and advice on further application development options.

colaborare comenzi.ro logoMihai Irimescu
ICT Manager

ghilimeleIn our field of activity, the automotive industry – sales&service, similar experience weighed heavily in the choice of collaborator. Roadill Automotive is a Ford dealer and aligning the online environment with the standards set by the manufacturer was essential. We found in the Fiveplus team, not only a website provider, but also an online marketing consultant, applying different concepts in the market to grow the customer portfolio. We have been working for more than 3 years and we have extended our cooperation to SEO optimization at the website level, technical support for various situations that arise in the operation of the system, we want to address together other solutions. It is basically an extension of the Roadhill team to the online environment.

colaborare roadhill automotive logoRazvan Carnu
Sales & Marketing Manager
Roadhill Automotive SRL

ghilimeleI have been working with the FivePlus team for several years, during which time I have had competent advice and help with all the issues that arise both in managing Google AdWords campaigns and in administering our website. This help has not been limited to the initial contract, but has extended to all aspects of the smooth running of the site (structure, security, organic changes, etc.). Without exaggeration, we had help and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the entire collaboration. I would compare the FivePlus team to the institution of the family doctor, adapted to what online activity assistance means: continuous personalized presence, attention, dedication, the professional who is there for you when you need it. That’s how you win and keep customers, that’s how you do business where both parties are happy.Congratulations and to the bigger picture!

colaborare funnybox logoDragos Pantazescu
Novicio Tech Division

ghilimeleThere are times in the life of a company when you feel that you have done, as a manager, everything you thought possible for the performance and competitiveness of the company. The FIVEPLUS team came my way at exactly such a time! That’s when I met creative people, people who were enthusiastic and curious to learn all about aviation, the evolution of Universifly Flight Attendant School, and the school’s competition. Even if the first 6 months we only communicated online and by phone, we quickly realized that FIVEPLUS is a team of generous people with the ideas and solutions they offered us on various development and innovation topics. FIVEPLUS has gone beyond the concept of a service provider and is a true business partner for Universifly!

xerox colaborare siglaSteluța Racolța

ghilimeleThrough the skills of FivePlus, we have been able to significantly improve the IT infrastructure, now providing added security, better protection, and a higher level of communication within the organization and with customers. Having a partner who understands your business, comes with recommendations, intervenes promptly when the situation requires it, allows you to focus on the core business, considering the partner as an extension of the team. All the functionalities and modules implemented have resulted in improved business, increased efficiency in collaborative activities.

colaborare depozitu de scule logoIonut Radulescu

ghilimeleThe crisis motivates the search for and implementation of modern business solutions. Cartridge, benefits from the results of positioning the site on the first page of Google. It is important that the site is visited by qualified customers who are looking for specific information.

colaborare cartusel logoGabriel Popp
Online Marketing Manager
ITRAX Solutions

ghilimeleWe are pleased with the results of the SEO strategy implemented. Website optimization is a safe marketing investment with lasting results. Through the strategy adopted in online promotion, in a short time, we have strengthened our online presence and achieved notable performance in search engines.

colaborare depozitu de scule logoGeorge Udrea
Director General

ghilimeleWe enjoy working with FivePlus because they are serious people who are dedicated to delivering results. We are glad to have met them and to have chosen to work with them. Our campaigns have brought us to the point where we have to delay customer requests because physically we don’t have the time to fulfil them. You are the right partner for internet promotion. Congratulations and good luck in the future!

colaborare reparatii frigidere logoGheorghe Vladu
Administrator firma

ghilimeleWe worked efficiently and professionally with the development team at FivePlus. We were advised to choose appropriate solutions for our research project website, which provides scientific and educational content for Romanian and international partners, and is in continuous development. They have provided and continue to provide us with support when needed, which makes FivePlus a long-term partner. I thank them.

colaborare time maps logoProf. dr. Dragos Gheorghiu
Universitatea Nationala
de Arte Bucuresti

ghilimeleWe appreciate working with the FivePlus team. The approach presented and applied has brought us new customers to the restaurant and a net high brand exposure in the market. One of the most important strengths of the FivePlus team we consider to be the speed in implementing our ideas. They are really very good and so we can only recommend them with confidence. We resonated with the online strategies recommended by these specialists, the results are showing.

colaborare new times restaurant logoGrigore Todea
Maestru Arta Culinara
New Times Restaurant

ghilimeleToday I had some free time and spent more time surfing the net. I was happy to find that my doctors can be found when searching by name first at our clinic. I know I owe you that!!! Thank you ff so much.

colaborare armonia logoAugustina David
Centrul de Sanatate Armonia

ghilimeleThank you to the FivePlus team for their availability and professionalism! High quality of service and full satisfaction of our expectations was and is their main concern! We have restarted online orders with their help, sometimes exceeding our expectations. Thank you to them for what they provide us day in and day out!

servicii de promovare site ecommerceMihai Barbu
Director Marketing
Team Relocations Grup

ghilimeleWe enjoy working with the FivePlus team and appreciate the seriousness and dynamism with which they handle our requests. Thanks to them, we have managed to increase the number of online purchases from the site, optimising the budget invested in promotional campaigns and making ourselves known in the tyre market. We will continue to use their advice to grow our business in Romania.

colaborare anvelope logoPlamen Petrov
Sales Manager
Bau Invest Ltd

ghilimeleIn Fiveplus we have found a reliable partner in SEO implementation and maintenance. The professionalism and dedication of the specialists, as well as their propensity in carrying out the tasks, contributed decisively to a better positioning and visibility of our online store and, consequently, to an increase in traffic and the number of transactions.

xerox colaborare sigla
Gradina Max

ghilimeleWorking with FivePlus has brought us increased sales and better visibility online. The team is dynamic and has an intuition for customer needs. Thank you, FivePlus!

bigfish colaborare siglaMaria Oprea
Big Fish