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EpsilonSys Software Inc (EpsilonSys) is a Canada-based company specializing in providing ERP solutions, IT Consulting, Cloud Computing, Mobile Application Development, IT Training, Staffing, Managed Services, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Security and Open Source technologies.
Through its solutions it improves operational and business processes using modern technology tools.

FivePlus has teamed up with EpsilonSys to tackle projects that go beyond current commercial projects.
Indexing and search solutions across large volumes of documents and information are starting to become a priority for business solutions where impressive data is being conveyed from various, unstructured sources.
The research projects that the FivePlus and EpsilonSys teams are working on target these areas, with the objective of tackling complex projects of this kind.

A technology partner is much different from a software development firm.
There is a vested interest in the success of projects, mainly, the cost/benefit ratio of the project is important, customer orientation to respond to a multitude of business pressures, competitive pressures and performance.

One aspect of the collaboration is machine learning projects through algorithm creation, information aggregation and prediction, modelling neural networks and phenomena that are not easily predicted with other tools.
The applications are many, solutions are used for a range of projects: elections, marketing, internal intelligence of companies, military, etc.
The watchwords are: large volume of information, high speed of reaction, large variety of data, structured and unstructured.

Some encouraging progress has been made.