HCL Hero software

HCL Hero effectively combines centralised application monitoring with runbook automation.

Allows IT administrators to easily monitor the status of their servers and perform recovery actions.

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An IT administrator’s best friend!

Reduce manual labor, reduce server downtime and improve IT operational efficiency across your company with HCL HERO.

Allows a single point of entry to see misconfiguration, performance or infrastructure issues in multiple environments. Users have an immediate understanding of the situation and where action is needed, with a clear and visually compelling overview.

  • Eliminate the need to manually maintain custom monitoring scripts
  • Open the platform to integrate predefined custom monitoring scripts
  • <Furnizați indicatori de performanță reali, cum ar fi debitul și monitorizarea cozii
  • Provide AI-based trend estimation for KPI indicators to predict potential problems
  • Provide an intuitive dashboard with error warnings and priorities and email notifications
  • Control internal queue exhaustion before the system crashes
  • Get information about infrastructure weaknesses
  • Monitor critical agent availability
  • Plan resource allocation


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Centralised Monitoring Application

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