HCL Domino software

Quickly solve your organization's internal process workflows and challenges with HCL Domino - a secure application development platform.

It is a NoSQL database environment and provides a database management system (DBMS), a suitable platform for application development. Included are e-mail applications (including calendar, task list), eDiscussion, TeamRoom and others.
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HCL Domino is a modern platform for the next generation of users. The latest versions of Domino promise more value and lower TCO than previous versions. Upgrading to the latest commercially available version allows you to have new functionality using mobile devices, access to mobile/web apps with HCL Nomad, a new way of building apps using low code, through Domino Volt.

Main components HCL Domino

Domino applications can be used directly in the browser without installing software. Now administrators don’t have to worry about updates and maintenance.

Domino Designer provides the options to optimise and develop new or existing applications using specific capabilities.

Members of your business now have the power to build new solutions without specialising in IT.

Domino can be integrated with a variety of information sources such as SaaS services, databases and other external sources.

Create new insights by integrating Domino data with Excel, Tableau or PowerBI and export analytical reports without specialist IT help.

Launch apps when you want, using the cloud and backup solutions provided.

Set up Domino servers already configured to eliminate errors during the process and control the backup process from the easy-to-use interface.

Use TOTP (Time-Based One-Time Password) and certificate management services to ensure maximum security for your business.

HCL Domino v12 represents a major milestone in the development of the Lotus platform. This ecosystem for business users and professional IT developers, provides essential business value with low TCO. The newest version is web and mobile ready, includes low-code features and is cloud native. The Lotus platform has always been backward compatible, an upgrade from any version to v12 is straightforward, fast and easy.

With Nomad web, access to Domino applications is now in the browser. Developers can take advantage of deploying apps to web browsers and mobile devices without changes within the apps. As a system user, you can take Domino apps anywhere you work and on any device to get your work done.

You have the flexibility to back up Domino with almost any solution on the market, such as Veeam or Cohesity.

Administrators can now control how and when to make backups and restores through an easy-to-use front-end administration interface.

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