Ionet Software partner

ionet software brandIonet Software is a company specialising in the development of complementary functionality for the IBM Lotus Notes / Domino platform. Through the Ionet Software – FivePlus partnership, we enhance the IBM Lotus environment.

Of the solutions promoted on the Romanian market, the one that addresses a common problem faced by many companies, Professional Email Archiving from the IBM Lotus platform, is enjoying real success.
The solution covers many more functionalities, automatically creates and maintains archives for Lotus databases/documents (mail, custom applications, Quickr workspaces). At a scheduled time or depending on other criteria, it archives eligible data and performs maintenance activities such as rotating archives.

All aspects of the archiving process are controlled by the Lotus system administrator, benefit from advanced security features, full backups for off-site storage and disaster recovery. Ionet’s solution works equally well in the iNotes environment (including Ultralite mode), which allows users accessing mail from the browser to work seamlessly with the archive.

For maximum efficiency, redundant data should be archived. This increases usability, speed and efficiency, improves the time factor, makes older data available if necessary (and without IT intervention, e.g. restores old mails). The whole process is virtually transparent to users, the solution integrates into the production database. These archiving functions are valid for IBM Lotus e-mail, iNotes, custom applications, IBM Quickr, adding value to the company’s servers: Domino Messaging Server, Utility Server, Enterprise Server.

The archiving solution can de-duplicate emails (typically up to 20%), automatically maintain database sizes at a set limit. Attachments can be compressed while archiving (DAOS compatibility), traces are left in production email to preserve doclinks. In fact, it is transparent to users as the data is archived and where it is found.
If you use the IBM Lotus environment, go with this archiving solution with confidence! The increase in mail volume is staggering. This solution solves a real problem in your organization.

You can contact us for more details. It’s an extremely efficient solution!
FivePlus Solutions is Ionet Software’s partner in Romania, we have the necessary skills to carry out these projects and successful implementations.