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We design and implement online marketing strategies regardless of borders We address both national and international markets


FivePlus® Solutions – Integrated online marketing services in one place

The online environment is constantly evolving and changing, user expectations are growing by the day, the market is becoming increasingly competitive, and business owners are struggling with growing challenges. Now, more than ever, the first step towards Performance Marketing is defined by the ability and willingness to deliver a strategy based on integrated services.

We’ve been delivering integrated online marketing strategies for 14 years and continue to do so every day…

Each project is unique.

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FivePlus® Solutions – adding value to your project!


We try every day, on every project, to offer professionalism.We analyse the requirements in detail, ask the right questions to understand the needs, focus on identifying and implementing optimal solutions, adopt a positive attitude regardless of the context and try to optimise the work processes as much and as well as possible.


We are perfectionists. For us, there are no barriers or limits that we don’t overcome. We work on several fronts at the same time, we aim high, and the results often exceed the goals.


We continually analyse the businesses we work for, the trends in the industries in which they operate and their competition in order to anticipate future changes and take action when necessary.


We all know that there can be many situations in a company’s business that can change the course of planning. These kinds of situations often cannot be prevented, but they can be dealt with responsibly.How?Through greater commitment and effort so that promises are kept.Taking responsibility is ultimately about evolution.


We are flexible and adapt to each individual project. As people are different and businesses are different. Everyone has their own story, their own particularities and perspectives. We listen, analyse and adapt whenever necessary.

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40 31-805.42.55

Str Popa Savu Nr. 44

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    40 31-805.42.55

    Str Popa Savu Nr. 44

    Sector 1, București, România