Email & SMS Marketing

The app allows sending email and SMS notifications to lists of recipients who have at least one valid email address and at least one valid mobile number.
Applicability is quite high. Communicating with partners, customers is part of the organisation’s business processes or to increase added value. With this solution you can be closer to them by identifying trigger points for such messages and calling on this mode of communication.

The main advantages of SMS campaigns are:

  • Reduced costs
  • Text messages arrive quickly
  • Messages can be personalised
  • Covers a wide range of use
  • Messages are short, get to the essence of communication
  • They have a high open rate (a text message is read on average 4 seconds after receiving it)
  • Can be scheduled for dispatch at a certain time
  • Automatic SMS alerts can be sent
  • User can react quickly

You can consider this marketing tool alongside your other online campaigns (email campaigns, Google Adwords advertising, Facebook, search engine optimisation – SEO, social media campaigns).

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Application for sending information by email and SMS

Information content
Content can be non-personalised or personalised. The content of emails or SMS will be defined by means of templates that can be easily reused later.
The content can be personalised based on fields of interest such as: first name, surname, gender address formula.

Recipients of information
Reports are sent to well-defined lists of recipients imported from Excel files.

Degree of coverage
Each time you send an SMS, you can choose to send SMS notifications to all valid mobile phone numbers of each recipient or only to the first valid number.
Each time you send an SMS, you can choose to send email notifications to all valid email accounts of each recipient or only to the first valid email account.

Instant or scheduled delivery
If you wish to send information from a certain date or time in the future, users will be able to opt for scheduled sending.

App users
Access to the app will be restricted, users will only be able to use it after login.

Reports sent or in the process of being sent remain marked in the system with specific details: date of creation of the send, date of completion of the send, total number of recipients, type of send (email/sms), number of recipients where the send successfully left the application to the email server or SMS gateway.

The application will be able to send email notifications via the email server used.
The application will be able to send SMS notifications after connecting to an SMS gateway system. The purchase of SMS credits is done separately.
The SMS Gateway connection data can be edited via the configuration interface.