Digital Parking Solution. Parking Data

The solution was developed in partnership with VEGACOMP CONSULTING to provide a collection of public and private parking spaces and display them to citizens and entrepreneurs interested in using the managed data.
The data is collected and managed in real time on available spaces through direct integration with parking systems (via API interfacing).
The display of parking spaces on the map is intuitive and allows to find out specific details on the number of available parking spaces, disabled spaces, charging stations for electric cars, etc.

How does work?

  1. Identify available car parks on the map
    You can see all parking spaces, both private and public
  2. Get real-time information about parking in your area
    Get real-time information on parking prices, electric car charging points and more
  3. See in real time how many parking spaces are available
    Save time by avoiding overcrowded car parks
  4. The app directs you to the selected car park
    GPS directs you to the desired parking lot
  5. You can pay by various payment methods
    You know from the start how you will pay whether you choose to pay online via the app, cash, SMS or ATM

Benefits for drivers

  • Real-time data
  • You can see real-time parking availability and occupancy, all at a glance on the map
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Full information on the payment methods allowed by each car park.
  • Access to private and public car parks
  • In addition to information on public car parks, parking-data also provides information on private car parks such as those of shopping malls or supermarkets.

Benefits for partners and entrepreneurs

  • Statistics and accurate data
  • Parking-data provides accurate data and statistics for optimising any type of parking
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • We offer technical support and high-performance equipment for the digitisation of car parks
  • Attractive parking monetisation
  • Powerful advice and tools for the most profitable parking


The solution is part of a complete indoor parking monitoring system

Managing a car park means managing data on the use or non-use of parking spaces as efficiently as possible.
Parking Data supports all car park managers and owners in producing various reports that are useful in making decisions to optimise the use of their car parks.

  • Ultrasonic sensor system

This system is recommended when real-time visualisation of parking space availability is desired both in a web/app platform and on the spot through the presence of different coloured LEDs.

  • Geomagnetic sensor system

Recommended system when quick installation and real-time knowledge of parking space availability in a web platform/mobile application is desired.

  • LPR camera system

This is an advanced system which, in addition to real-time visualisation of parking space availability, can monitor the parking space on video.

Parking Strategy

The aim of a parking strategy is to give a clear and concrete direction for municipalities to prioritise actions and resources in an optimal way to manage parking as a whole as part of urban mobility over the next 10 years.

In Europe there is a Sustainable and Intelligent Mobility Strategy(, which is city-centred, has set a number of targets for how people and goods will move between cities in the coming decades, and has identified several initiatives:


  1. Zero carbon vehicles and associated infrastructure needed
  2. Creating zero-emission airports and ports
  3. Making urban and interurban mobility healthy and sustainable
  4. “Greening” transport – for example by doubling rail traffic by 2050
  5. Valuing the carbon footprint and providing financial incentives for users – through balanced and fair charging for all modes of transport


  1. Making autonomous and connected multimodal mobility a reality
  2. Increasing innovation and use of data and artificial intelligence for smarter mobility


  1. Strengthening the Single Market
  2. Making Mobility an honest and fair service for all
  3. Safety and Security settings in all modes of transport

To achieve the headline targets, the European Commission has set itself the following ambitious targets:

By 2030:

  • At least 30 million zero-emission cars to be on Europe’s roads
  • 100 European cities to be climate neutral
  • Doubling rail traffic in Europe
  • Collective travel planning for distances less than 500 km should be climate neutral
  • Autonomous mobility to be widely deployed
  • Zero-emission seagoing vessels to be commercially operational

By 2035:

  • First zero-emission aircraft to be launched on the market

By 2050:

  • Nearly all vehicles, vans, buses and heavy goods vehicles will be zero-carbon
  • Rail traffic will double
  • TEN-T multimodal transport network will be operational for sustainable and intelligent transport with high-speed connectivity

According to this strategy, all large and medium-sized European cities should have a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan by 2030. This will include integrated electronic ticketing facilities for multimodal transport, while autonomous mobility will be widely used…

Municipiile de județ, orașele la care se impune o re-organizare a serviciilor dedicate digitalizării, gestionării și optimizării utilizării parcărilor rezidențiale și publice pot apela la {Servicii de consultanță pentru auditul parcărilor, elaborare Regulament de parcări și planul de organizare a funcționării Regulamentului de parcare –