Electronic record keeping

Most of the information in a company/institution is found in unstructured documents from multiple sources. Often these documents are difficult to access afterwards - employees spend hours trying to find the documents they need. Electronic records are the digital solution to the traditional paper-based process of recording and managing documents.

Any organisation that needs to keep track of incoming and outgoing documents, track them within the organisation, keep track of the internal retrieval process, identification, specific reports, needs such a solution.
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This solution facilitates both the electronic recording of documents in a folder-structured form, as well as the traceability of documents and easy retrieval of necessary information.

Who can use an electronic register

The potential beneficiaries of an electronic registry solution can be numerous:

  • Public institutions;
  • Educational, health institutions:
  • Public directorates subordinated to the institutions: social assistance, autonomous regions, administration of the public domain, utilities, transport
  • Private companies in manufacturing, services, trade;
  • Companies in the financial, banking or insurance sector;
  • Medical, pharmaceutical sector;
  • Transport and tourism.

Using our solution will help you streamline and grow your business. Here are some of the benefits that e-Registration offers you:

  • All entries and exits are recorded in unique registers;
  • Fast registration of documents;
  • You can record entries coming from various media (email, physical at entry points), both in physical and electronic format
  • You can capture and attach physical, scanned documents to the system;
  • By assigning a unique registration number you can track your documents at any time. Finding documents and searching for information is important;
  • Add additional information to a record and quickly classify documents;
  • The possibility to print and export documents;
  • Multiple add-on and document identification facilities;
  • Real-time warning when a document’s resolution deadline is approaching or when it expires;
  • Reduces the risk of human error when working with documents;
  • Notification of interested persons when documents are distributed;
  • Better data accuracy;
  • Leads to increased staff efficiency;
  • Quick access to information;
  • Integration with the beneficiary’s website – with the possibility of registering completed forms online;
  • Access to data inside and outside the organisation,

Electronic register – main features

The main purpose of the application is to record documents entering or leaving the organisation or internal documents, which must be given a registration number and tracked internally.

Allows you to create general ledgers and sub-ledgers for better document organisation. You can configure and customise the allocation of record numbers. Thus, you have the option to have documents automatically receive sequentially assigned numbers from a register (with prefix, numbers, suffix, e.g. FPS-1720-DG), with the possibility to continue numbers in subsequent years or reset the counter.

The application presents an administration area, where designated persons have access to a special section to configure some of the application’s operating parameters. The administrator can assign access rights and choose users who can view data entered into the system or add new records. Authentication in the application is based on user name and password.

The application is accessed using an internet browser.

The application manages a nomenclature of issuers and recipients. You can quickly identify, by filtering, documents assigned to a person/company.

With the e-Registration application developed by FivePlus you can attach electronic files such as PDF, Word, Excel, images, emails to make it easier to distribute them to those responsible / interested.

For each record you can fill in several metadata to structure the information of the recorded documents and classify the documents. You can link some records to others previously added or referenced.

You have the option to print or export the records managed in the registers.

You can get reports that quickly provide structured information on the status of documents, those that are overdue, by sender/recipient, date, documents that are in work with a particular user, etc.

Based on the filters you can get custom details / reports that meet the required criteria. Criteria such as registration data, registration number, subject, status of a document, responsible person or department within the institution, details of provenance, classification of the document according to internal organisation, category, circulation etc. can be considered.

The system has available actions related to the workflow in the organisation: informing, distributing, printing out the border, adding additional files and documents to the current file, adding comments, etc.

In the history section users can find all the actions performed on the current document, together with the date and author of the changes.

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It’s time to go electronic

An electronic record-keeping solution will help you work much faster with internal documents, completely eliminating the risk of losing them.

Contact us now and we’ll provide you with the solution you need to streamline your business.

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