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E-mail is a highly effective means of communication in any organisation. It is the most efficient way of receiving and transmitting information, both internally and with partners/customers. What's more, you can now integrate email services with various applications to send notifications or create specific actions.

Email communication has many advantages. Using email correctly and leveraging it effectively improves communication efficiency within the organisation and also improves professionalism with partners.
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Fiveplus can help you grow your business by implementing a powerful email system across your organisation. We offer you some of the best solutions available today from leading email service providers:

  • Implementation of an email system based on Lotus Notes / Domino, a solid platform for communication – electronic messaging, real-time communication.
  • Email services in the Microsoft Datacenter through Office365 Business (including Site, Applications, Data Storage, Data Backup, Infrastructure, etc.

Lotus Notes / Domino

It is the world leader in document management / information communication / intranet / knowledge management platforms and applications.

Emailing services based on the Lotus Domino platform are rated as the most stable and best performing worldwide. Both national and global deployments prove it. They help you communicate quickly within your organisation, with access either via the Internet/Intranet or offline.

Why choose Lotus for email?

Lotus Notes / Domino email service is a solid platform for communication – electronic messaging, real-time communication, which gives you:

De ce să alegi Lotus pentru email?

Serviciul de email Lotus Notes / Domino este o platformă solidă pentru comunicare – mesagerie electronică, comunicare în timp real, ce îți oferă:

  • a high degree of security;
  • channeling the organisation towards core business;
  • reduces downtime, information handling costs and administrative expenses;
  • top capabilities related to calendar and planning activities;
  • allows easy collaboration and meeting planning;
  • real-time communication – connecting colleagues from different departments online;
  • facilitates information exchange and decision-making;
  • access from Lotus client, web or mobile phones.

An important feature of the email system is that it allows you to easily organise, track and plan your personal agenda. This includes controlling calendar items, meetings, events, birthdays, tracking tasks etc. Furthermore, it is a way of communicating with other members of the organisation – organising meetings, distributing tasks and more.

Lotus Notes / Domino email service helps you increase efficiency within your company through advanced information management methods, scalability and flexibility.

All this is possible with a low total cost of ownership.

To implement systems with such functionality, FivePlus offers complete design, installation, configuration, administration, technical support and training services, resulting in a turnkey system.

FivePlus is one of HCL’s main partners in Romania for the Lotus Notes platform (acquired from IBM), with a team of specialists with over 20 years of experience in implementing and leveraging such email systems and services.

The Lotus Domino e-mail system can be installed on most hardware platforms and operating systems: Windows, Linux. It provides easy administration, whether installed on one server or on multiple distributed servers.

The new versions come with advanced functionality, adapted to new ways of working.

The main components integrated in the Lotus Domino platform are shown in the gallery below:

A detailed description of Lotus products can be found in the Partners section

Office365 Business

You can choose between several versions, depending on the needs of your business:

  • Office365 Business Basic
  • Office365 Business Standard
  • Office365 Business Premium

The Office365 Business solution gives you access to a whole host of communication and document tools that will help your whole team communicate more easily and work more efficiently.

The immediate benefits of using Office365 Business:

FivePlus specialists help you find the optimal solution

With over 30 years of innovation in the messaging and collaboration systems market, email is just one small part of a whole business decision-making solution to help you increase productivity. The context is the creation of a standardized work environment that supports the acceleration of your organization’s internal processes, easy document handling and fast access to information for increased productivity – adding content, retrieving, distributing information and making it available.

Contact us now and our specialists, with over 20 years of experience in the field, will help you find the optimal solution to increase the efficiency of your business.

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