HCL Launch software

HCL Launch is designed to handle the most complex deployment situations with the automation and controlled auditing required in production.

HCL Launch automates application deployments in different IT environments.
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Application Modernisation is actually the modernisation of three areas simultaneously – architecture, infrastructure and delivery model. HCL Launch allows these three areas to co-exist, even when they are at different stages of transformation.

Benefits of HCL Launch

  • One-click deployment of complex multi-tier applications, services and components.
  • Support for all platforms, from distributed to microservices, both on-prem and cloud-based.
  • Go beyond automated deployment and incorporate repeatability, predictability, audibility and traceability into your delivery workflow
  • Clear visibility of deployed applications, including where and who changed them. We have compliance assurance and audit of implementations and executions.
  • Every organisation has a unique approach to modernisation. HCL Launch can deliver value to DevOps transformation, regardless of ecosystem maturity.

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