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It is the client that is installed on the user's workstation for the use of Domino applications and group/messaging services with the highest level of data security. With HCL Notes, you can send and receive emails, schedule meetings, browse the web, and use powerful social and business applications in your daily work.

Integrate social collaboration, messaging and business apps into a single workspace.
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HCL Notes is email client software that gives teams access to email, calendar and contact management, seamlessly integrates other collaboration tools and HCL Domino applications.

Integrate social collaboration, messaging and business apps into one Notes workspace! Now with an improved user experience and enhanced email essentials.

Mobile client that allows users to work with HCL Domino applications directly from their mobile devices. Nomad includes offline replication and touch optimization, adds functionality to Domino apps.

Facilitates access to email, calendar and calendar data via smartphone or tablet in real time. Automatic syncing also includes HCL versions on Android and iOS and selected mobile devices.

Client for using the integrated development platform for web designers and developers to create, deploy and manage interactive applications. Domino Designer can also be used to change the design of existing databases.

Other interesting HCL Notes Domino licences

– HCL Enterprise Integrator for Domino. Synchronize different data sources and real-time integration between Domino and back-end data sources such as DB2, SQL and Oracle.

– HCL Lotus Connector for SAP Solution. It is installed via HEI and allows access to SAP data, execution of SAP tasks and initiation of SAP actions.

Email, calendar and modern contact management

Give your users access to their email and calendar, anytime and anywhere they work, through HCL Notes. Available on Windows, Apple and Android.
Give your users access to Domino apps, regardless of location, through the Notes platform. They can be accessed online or offline without modification.
Interact directly with emailed files, preview, download, watch, comment or share with your team. Also, access the profiles, roles and responsibilities of all your contacts or check your collaboration and project history.
Sametime offers a complete experience for instant messaging, online meetings, voice, video, etc. Connect instantly with experts or colleagues to get information much faster and achieve all your daily business goals.

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