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Software for individual or group reservations at the restaurant

ePlaceEvant app, a solution dedicated to hotels, restaurants, event organizing centers, to offer its customers a modern approach to booking seats at tables for different events.

An extremely useful management tool when dealing with events involving hundreds of people in a room, multiple rooms or separate rooms, fitting the legal terms for access areas, time involved in organizing, distributing people in an efficient way, based on certain preferences.

Provides an experience ofcomfort and control to both management and staff responsible for organizing events, customers. Some events or current booking activities can be traced: venues organized for Christmas, New Year, Easter, Pentecost, other celebrations and occasional events, organized groups, companies parties, weddings, current hotel accommodations, and so on.

You control the good mood and the event

You have at your fingertips a tool where you can get a competitive edge in the market, which can easily be transformed into marketing opportunities, giving customers and partners an experience that personally touches them.

Optimize the halls

You have a better control over the occupied space, table-serving, with the head chefs

Organize early

You can take part in several organizations for the preparation of halls and events

You have the control

You know exactly the situation on the booked tables so that you can efficiently allocate your own service staff

Communicate directly

Allows customers to choose their place in the room, at the tables, leaving control at them

Efficiency of time

Reduce the time with additional explanations regarding available tables, readjust tables configurations

Avoit with elegancy

Treat and impartially address persistent customers who may have certain claims, difficult to honor, with unwanted implications

Sincronized data

Combine and analyze data from your own and booking system for transparent management.


You will have informations that you can use at any time about the load, number of people, children the arranging of the hall

Images from the app

Give customers an experience they will be happy to remember!

You are closer to the preference of placing your customers at the tables.

The client or organized group receives a booking code to authenticate and reserve the seats in the meeting room after grouping with their closest friends, sitting next to the dance floor, scene, access areas, and so on.

The application makes it possible to configure rooms, give reports, send notifications.

The application took into a conciderations all the ideas came from the management who manage this locations, the issues they face in the organization, the exceptional situations to be dealt with.

An exemple of the successful implementation of this app is at the hotel and event organization, ALPIN Poiana Braşov.

"We have put into practice an idea that has been born out of a desire to offer customers and event organises a way to save time. For the events managers it is an exceptional management tool to better organise activities and have better control over organised events. It has brought important savings and correlate better the internal action between reservation process and client satisfaction. For the customer, he has a quick and easy mechanism to book his event, from any location, to table settlements, earning precious time. " Alin NIȚĂ, Fiveplus Solutions

The most important economy comes from "situation control"

In an orientative calculation, allocating time for organization, the attention given to each customer / group of clients in the booking process, with a volume of 500 clients per event, multiple events rooms, results many hours allocated.

They can grow much longer with non-quantifiable direct times, taking into account the disturbance created, clarifications, lost orders, weaker control of the situation.

You can save hundreds, even thousands of euros per event and better managerial control, more clearly. The collateral benefits of implementing and assimilating the application will be more important over time.

Depreciation of investment can be made faster for organizers of events with hundreds of customers, multiple stables, organizing periodic events.

  • managing organized events and obtaining specific reports
  • define and configure rooms from zero or using predefined layouts from reality of the space hall
  • graphical interface for the configuration of the rooms
  • managing global reservations for the needs of organized groups
  • import integration or other reservation methods and managed information in internal systems
  • defining internal system operators and assigning different rights per event
  • diffrent roles in application asociate for differential access to users(adding new tables, moving reservations, deleting, allocating to tables, etc.)
  • email notifications / SMS notifications to customers with reservations made
  • reports for every actions in the system
  • there is a plan to extend the application with new features useful to event organizers

  • Client-server technology, web application
  • The database and application are implemented on the beneficiary’s infrastructure or on a host by hiring the necessary space
  • It does not require additional licenses, the application being designed to be installed and configured to work on open source systems: Linux operating system, Tomcat application server, MySQL database server (for a reasonable volume of data and events)
  • Hardware requirements: Xeon / I7 processor, 8GB RAM, HDD free space
  • The SMS sending equipment / gateway will be analyzed, if there is a solution implemented or chosen by mutual agreement

  • minimal customization application (logo, reservation reservations, users, event management, halls)
  • installing software platforms on the recipient’s equipment
  • application implementation, commissioning, documentation, reports
  • training for application operation
  • technical support during the warranty period for the treatment of incidents due to programming errors
  • optimal performance is based on the performance of hardware (server, network elements), Internet access to support competitive user access, operator availability to assimilate application functionality.
  • minimal post-implementation technical support within 20 hours per person, which can also be used for small specific application changes or resolving incidents due to exploitation of the application
  • additional costs, if required: additional activities required for new in-app functionality, additional training, extended technical support depending on infrastructure features, other IT
  • implementations (protection, back-up), involvement of other support platforms specific events, technology updates, SMS sending credits, SMS Gateway, case-by-case issues.

  • Indicative implementation time: 30 days

You can have the solution implemented and functional right from the next event!

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