We stand by our partners with 1.000+ projects and 300k+ hours in business consulting, application/website development, web promotion, technical support

We have the skills and experience to analyse requirements, understand needs, find the optimal solution, implement the project and provide post-implementation technical support to ensure a successful long-term collaboration.

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With the FivePlus team you can take taking business to another level from managing and optimising workflows to leveraging the online environment

We respond to various requests related to internal automation, document/content management, workflow through our own DocPlus solution or customised. We enhance information and connect people to places and activities!

FivePlus is involved in the development of custom web solutions following specific business requirements. Examples of custom web solutions we have developed: ticket management, web portals, websites, internal organisation applications, etc.

When you have an e-commerce business, many businesses today are online, the differentiation factor comes into play. One of the ways you can differentiate yourself from the competition is through attractive and smart web design.

Zetta Discovery is a search solution that incorporates intelligent information management, going far beyond the simple search that exists today. Research project, branded FivePlus.

Many operations have moved online. We offer full services as an online marketing agency.
Your website needs to be a gateway to your company, to sell, to be always first in the search list!

Your website is the virtual identity of your company, product or service you offer. Your website should be attractive, effective and impactful. This is the only way to turn your visitors into customers who develop an attachment to your brand. The key word is Trust. Is your website ready for online?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means organic growth in search engines and visibility on the first page. With the right strategy and high-performance services, we aim for the top of Google rankings! Your website must appear in the top positions to be visited by as many customers as possible. Tell us about your project!

When you say Google Ads, you say fast results. You say pay per results because you can control how much you pay, i.e. when customers click through to your site or call you. Be there exactly when they’re looking for what you’re selling! We align with your goal: increase visitor numbers, online sales, customer retention, local advertising.

Facebook Ads is the shortest way that connects and makes two people interact. This is how you build a community dedicated to your product or service. It’s the cheapest, most effective way to promote online: your message goes directly to those interested in your offer. You can choose a marketing target and audience for your campaign!

Our team is at your disposal with services for your business: consulting, programming, training, technical support, choice of the right software

We have the expertise to guide and assist you in making the right decision. We help you define your business requirements, identify the right technical and financial solution, understand the implications and risks of the project.

Through the FivePlus team we provide specialized technical support services, both for deployed systems – web applications, websites, IT infrastructure, and for complete and complex systems based on the Lotus DOMINO platform.

FivePlus specialists get involved to transfer the project’s user and management knowledge. It is important that the system is used correctly, efficiently, used to its true value.

We are a full solution provider, we have a network of business partners on various infrastructure elements, hardware solutions (servers, workstations, networking, etc.), software and implementation services.

The collaboration with FivePlus has brought us increased sales and better visibility online…

Marian Oprea

We have been working with FivePlus for over 10 years. Their software consultancy skills have enabled them to understand our processes…

Mihai Paraschiv

Stop searching! Hire FivePlus!They’re skilled — but I’m sure out there are other big agencies filled with qualified people…

Cristi Pitner
Marketing Manager

We started the collaboration by developing the website. FivePlus has a team with an overview of the online environment and together…

Andrei Honciuc
Director General


We are open to innovation, technology and know-how.
We have proven in 15+ years that we are reliable partners, we care about performance and we are customer-oriented.